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DSIP Digital Sustainability Implementation Package

Getting ready to help your business towards better sustainable products and circular solutions.

This text is work in progress...  

There will also be links, e.g. could be to the DSIP promo video by Sophie/BTH (here).

We will make this site a great place to tell our story, nurture sustainable business, foster collaboration and let users know more...

This is a great space to write a long text about your organisation and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more details. Talk about the team and what services provided. Show visitors how we create a great leap for business that desire to make better sustainable products and circular solutions - why we embrace 'competitors' and rather see them as co-creating sustainable development with win+win+win


What is DSIP?

The DSIP is more than an acronym. The world is complex in its multi-facets. Understanding makes progress more simple, still there are many relations and lots of change. To overcome many problems and to avoid the complicated we offer DSIP (Digital Sustainability Implementation Package). 


Proven capabilities to enable whole industries to better develop and provide sustainable products and circular solutions to the market. 

Companies and individuals enjoy how we enable and accelerate their sustainable development. 

Currently there is a collaboration project including funding from Vinnova (Sweden's innovation agency)  -  see more here 

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